Filing of Vivad Se Vishwas Form now enabled for Appeals on orders u/s 143(1), 245R & Misc Applications.

Income Tax

Income Tax Returns, TDS Returns and Tax Audits.

We Provide advisory services for Applying for PAN Card, Filing of Income tax, TDS Returns, Tax Refunds, Tax Planning & Savings, Liaison with Income Tax Authorities etc.

Key Expertise:
  • Assistance in choosing a tax-efficient ownership, management and operations structure
  • Analysis of tax structures and transactions in order to verify the correctness of the application of double tax treaties
  • Review of contracts and other primary documents from a tax perspective aimed at identifying potential fields of tax planning
  • Assistance in estimating the costs of implementing new solutions as we as identifying potential fields of tax planning
  • Advisory related to the tax aspects of the business activity of foreign enterprises in India and Indian businesses abroad
  • Reviews and analysis of cross border transactions and payments
  • Structure profit repatriation

Our Income Tax Services

Individual ITR Filing​

  • Salaried Employees
  • Business (Trade)
  • Business (Services)
  • Capital Gains (Properties)
  • Stock Market Tradings
  • F&O Traders. 
  • Others

Business Entities

  • Income Tax Returns
  • Books of Accounts
  • Tax Audit Reports
  • Advance Tax  Payments
  • Tax planning
  • Tax savings and Refunds
  • Comprehensive Tax Advisory Services

TDS Returns

  • TDS Registrations
  • TDS Challan payments
  • TDS Quarterly Returns
  • Form 26Q
  • Form 24Q
  • TDS Reconciliations
  • Form 16/16A

Forms & Resources

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